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API System Basics


An Object is an independent information unit in the Registry. For example, a Contact Person is an Object containing details of a specific contact person.

An Object has a unique identifier in the Registry, and can be updated by submission of a Request pertaining directly to that Object.

An Object can be referred to by different Domain Name Records, and under different Roles in a Domain Name Record.

Objects Management

Only the Managing AR of an Object can update it.

An update made to an Object will be reflected in all Objects pointing to the modified Object. For example, updating the mail address of a Contact Object will be reflected in all Domain Names Records in which this Contact object is listed.

A Contact Object exists only in the realm of the Managing AR. An AR cannot refer (or use in any other way) Contact Objects that are associated with a different AR.

List of API System Object types:

  1. Domain Name Record.
  2. Contact Object.


An Attribute is an information unit which is associated with a specific Object. For example, the Domain Name Registrant is an Attribute of the Domain Name Record.

Managing Attributes

In order to update an Attribute, the Managing AR of the Object containing the Attribute needs to submit a Request pertaining to the Object.

Updating identical Attributes associated with more than one Object, requires the submission of one Request per each Object to which the Attributes associate. For example, updating the physical address of a Registrant who holds 5 Domain Names, will require 5 separate update request, one per each Domain Name.

List of API Attributes:

(1) Registrant (2) DNS Information (3) Registrar. (4) Reference to a Contact Object. Reference is made by way of Contact Object's Handle. (5) DNSSEC information; (6) Transfer Code information

Domain Name Record and Objects – schematic view

(1) Registrant Details. (Attribute)
    a. Name.
    b. Organization.
    c. Physical Address.
    d. Tel.
    e. Fax.
    f. Email.
(2) Administrative Contact. (Reference to Object)
    a. AR-BL12345-IL **(check subsequent schemes)**
(3) Technical Contact. (Reference to Object)
    a. AR-AL54321-IL
(4) Zone Contact. (Reference to Object)
    a. AR-DS3432-IL.
(5) DNS Information. (Attribute)
(6) Managing Registrar (Attribute)
    a. AB
(7) DNSSEC Information. (Attribute)
    a. 25845 **(check subsequent schemes)**
    b. 8
    c. 2
    d. 1D368C0FDFBC6F1E28199DA3C4E5320EA64A42E25B09E839B151A75C110F84C3


a.DS keyTag.
b.DS Algorithm.
c.DS Digest Type.
d.DS Digest.


c.Physical Address.