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API System Overview

The API System – Overview

The synchronous API System is accessed over HTTPS, XML-based system which gives ISOC-IL's ARs a secured and authenticated tool to manage Registration Actions in the Registry.

The AR's communication (API clients) with the API Server is done by sending HTTPS Request, with TLS Client Authentication to the API Server. The API Server responses are sent synchronously as HTTPS uses TLS as well.

Prior communicating with the API server, the AR must have a valid certificate. Updating the certificate is done through the Registry Management.

API Client is not supplied by the Registry, and needs to be implemented by the AR independently.

The Registry provides a testing environment to allow ARs to test the Clients they build for correct operation.

An Information Retrieval Interface ("IRI") is provided for retrieval of information and follow-up on Objects managed by the AR, the AR's Registration Actions and the AR's available credit.

The API System makes use of principles, objects and terminology from EPP.

However, the API System is NOT a Standard EPP implementation, nor does it claim EPP conformance.

For example, a principal difference is that Standard EPP is synchronous, and has a notion of session management; the current implementation of the IL API System, being asynchronous, has no notion of a session.