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EPP Response Codes

API Response Codes

Code Text between <msg> Tag
1000 Command completed successfully
1001 Submission completed successfully
1300 Command completed successfully; no messages
1301 Command completed successfully; ack to dequeue
2000 Unknown command
2005 Parameter value syntax error
2105 Object is not eligible for renewal
2201 Authorization error
2202 Invalid authorization information
2203 Client Certificate Has Been Revoked
2302 Object exists
2309 Client Certificate Expired
2400 Command failed
2401 Operation timed out
3001 File contents do not match signature
3002 No pgp signature or file is corrupted
3003 Registrar account not active
3004 Unrecognized Regsitrar
3005 Invalid tag
3006 Provided document does not match schema
3007 Domain Name invalid for registration, reassignment or trasnfer
3008 TLD / SLD not supported
3009 Invalid characters in domain name
3010 Domain name too long
3011 Domain Name does not exist
3012 Domain Name is not managed by requesting registrar
3013 Insufficient credit for submission of request
3014 operation not allowed
3015 a request is already pending
3016 Domain Name is not yet up for renewal
3017 Domain Name is already registered
3018 Contacttype must be either "registrant" or "domain"
3019 email address invalid
3020 phone number invalid
3021 postal info invalid
3022 contact name invalid
3023 organization name invalid
3024 Postal info required
3025 street address invalid
3026 state / city invalid
3027 country code invalid
3028 Invalid postal code
3029 Contact info required
3030 Contact handle required
3031 Invalid contact handle
3032 Contact handle not associated with requesting registrar
3033 Contact can not be deleted
3034 Domain name disabled, no requests allowed
3035 Specified domain disabled
3036 Specified contact does not exist
3037 XML syntax error
3038 Contact type (registrant/domain) must be specified
3039 Domain contact type can be only one of: admin/tech/zone
3040 All domain contacts must be specified: admin/tech/zone
3041 Domain registrant not specified
3042 Invalid contact reference, must be "NEW" followed by a digit
3043 Contact reference not specified in inline contact definition
3044 Multiple registrant inline contact definitions
3045 Multiple inline contact definitions have same refernce tag
3046 Domain contact handle contains an unrefereneced label
3047 Contact hadnle and registrant must have different references
3048 Multiple definitions of same contact type
3049 Registrant reference name in inline definition is not same as in domain definition
3050 Registrant handle/reference name is the same as domain contact handle/reference name
3051 Domain contact handle/reference name is the same as registrant handle/reference name
3052 Contact is associated with a Domain Name Record therefore cannot be deleted.
3053 Registrant handle is a reference, but its contact data is not defined inline
3054 Registrant specified is already associated with another domain
3055 Registrant email required
3056 Domain contact email required
3057 Registrant name required
3058 Domain contact name required
3059 Registrant street address required
3060 Domain contact street address required
3061 DNS server IP address required
3062 Only DNS IP address specified, DNS name required
3063 DNS name invalid.
3064 DNS IP address invalid
3065 Specified DNS IP address is duplicated
3066 Duplicate DNS name
3067 Unreferenced contact definition
3068 Registrant handle associated with a disabled Domain Name
3069 Contact status changed from submission of reqeust
3070 Invalid transfer operation. Valid values: "approve","reject","request"
3071 Attempt to transfer domain to current manging registrar
3072 Specified domain already transferred to another registrar
3073 No data was found
3074 Registrar unauthorized for registration of Domain Names under this SLD
3075 No permission to perform this registration action
3076 The request can not be submited to this SLD
3077 Loosing Registrar objected your transfer request. Request moved to manual treatment by the Registry.
3078 Transfer objection recorded
3079 Contact name can not be modified
3080 Contact address required
3081 The deadline for this operation is over
3082 Request denied
3083 Domain Name transferred
3084 Domain transferred to ISOC IL
3085 Domain Name transferred
3086 Domain Name transferred
3087 Transfer request denied
3088 Transfer request for Your domain denied due to invalid transfer operation
3089 Use Update Domain request to modify registrant information
3090 Current domain registrar is not the same as when the request had submitted
3091 Client transaction ID (clTRID) empty
3092 Illegal format of client transaction ID(clTRID)
3093 Contact request ID required
3094 Illegal format of contact request ID
3095 Request already in process
3096 Invalid request ID
3097 Request cancelled upon request
3098 Request already in process
3099 Domain request ID required
3100 Illegal format of domain request ID
3101 Transfer request aborted by requesting registrar
3102 Invalidated Authentication Info
3103 Illegal value for locktransfer flag
3104 Transfer operation for this domain is locked
3105 Domain Name not transferred as you locked the domain for transfer
3106 Up to 10 Domain Names may be included in a checkdomain request
3107 Maximum number DNS servers exceeded
3108 DNS Server IP Address is redundant
3109 Invalid registration period
3110 Domain registration period unit is invalid
3111 Domain registration period not specified
3112 Domain registration period specified is too long
3113 Requested renewal exceeds the allowed maximal registration period
3114 Domain revoked
3115 Domain Name cannot be empty
3116 Only lower-case characters permitted
3117 A Latin Domain Name must be at-least 3 characters long. A Hebrew Domain Name must be at-least 2 characters long
3118 A Latin Domain Name cannot contain Hebrew characters. A Hebrew Domain Name cannot contain Latin characters
3119 Two consecutive hyphens not permitted
3120 A dot character is not permitted
3121 A Hebrew Domain Name must begin with a Hebrew letter
3122 A Domain Name must end with a letter or a digit
3123 A Latin Domain Name must begin with a letter or a digit
3124 Invalid characters in contact name
3125 Contact name is too long
3126 Name has to include at least two words
3127 The first character of the 1st word must be a letter (a..z)
3128 The first character of the 2nd word must be a letter (a..z)
3129 Client transaction ID (clTRID) too long. Only the first 30 chars are quoted in this message.
3130 Client transaction ID (clTRID) has been used before
3131 DNS IP can be only of type v4 or v6
3132 DNS IP address of V4 format is invalid
3133 DNS IP address of V6 format is invalid
3136 Maximum number DS records exceeded
3137 The dsData format is invalid
3138 Invalid DS Keytag
3139 Unsupported DS Algorithm
3140 Unsupported DS Digest Type
3141 Invalid DS Digest
3142 Provided keydata does not match DNSKEY generated keydata
3143 Provided Digest does not match DNSKEY generated Digest
3144 Missing dsData Keytag
3145 Missing dsData Algorithm
3146 Missing dsData Digest Type
3147 Missing dsData Digest
3148 Missing keyData Data
3149 Missing keyData Flags
3150 Missing keyData Protocol
3151 Missing keyData Algorithm
3152 Missing keyData Pubkey
3153 Too many elements in keyData Node
3154 Too many elements in dsData Node
3155 The keyData data contains different tags than it should have
3156 DS records to remove does not match existing data
3157 The DS record(s) cannot be added since it is already exist
3158 Missing domain for validation check
3159 No nameservers to resolve
3160 Missing data for signature validation
3161 Nameservers for domain unavailable
3162 Invalid DS format
3163 Unsupported Key algorithm
3164 Unsupported DS digest type
3165 Validation failed - DNSKEY or signature does not exist
3166 Validation failed - not signed with all algorithms
3167 Validation failed - failed to validate DNSKEY RRset
3168 Validation failed - failed to obtain DNSKEY RRset
3169 Signature validation failed
3170 Invalid keyData Protocol
3171 Invalid keyData Flags
3172 Invalid keyData Public Key
3173 DS cannot be removed since it does not exist
3174 DS length is invalid
3175 Authorization code cannot be empty
3176 Authorization code length invalid
3177 Authorization code has invalid characters
3178 Authorization code has been used
3179 Authorization code authentication failed
3180 Authorization code for this domain does not exist
3181 Authorization code cannot be updated, since there is pending TRANSFER request
3182 Missing poll operation
3183 Invalid poll operation. Valid values: "req","ack"
3184 Missing msgID to acknowledge
3185 Invalid msgID to acknowledge
3186 msgID does not exist, or not managed by requesting registrar
3187 Client certificate is about to expire
3188 Low Credit Alert
3189 Transfer request submitted
3190 No holder organization ID
3191 Invalud holder organization ID
3192 Holder organization is not supported
3193 Holder type not mentioned
5000 Database error occurred