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Create a Contact Object.


A Create Contact Request can be submitted by any AR.


Valid request is processed immediately.

A Contact Object will be created under the management of the AR submitting the request.

A Handle will be automatically allocated to the Contact Object by the API Server, and will be included in the response sent by the API Server.

Code Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <contact:postalInfo type="int">
          <contact:name>Israel Israeli</contact:name>
          <contact:org>Some Company Ltd.</contact:org>
            <contact:street>7 Herzl St.</contact:street>
            <contact:city>Ramat Gan</contact:city>
        <contact:voice>+972 8 1111111</contact:voice>
        <contact:fax>+972 8 2222222</contact:fax>


  • <contact:create>: Defines that the desired Registration Action, create a Contact Object, where:
    • <contact:postalinfo>: Contact's postal information.
    • <contact:name>: Contains the Contact's full name. In case of a person, name and surname separated by a space. In case of legal-entity, e.g, a company, the company's full name, including appropriate suffix, e.g., "Ltd." – separated by spaces.
    • <contact:org>: Contains the Contact's organization, only(!) for domain contact type.
    • <contact:addr>: A block containing the postal information associated with the Contact:
      • <contact:street>...<contact:street>: Contains the street and number of the Contact's address.
      • <contact:city>: Contact's city.
      • <contact:sp>: Contact's State/Province.
      • <contact:pc>: Contact's postal code.
      • <contact:cc>: Contact's two-letter country code, according to ISO-3166.
    • <contact:voice>: Contact's telephone number, in the following format: "+[country code] [area code] [phone number]"
    • <contact:fax>: Contact's facsimile number, in the following format: "+[country code] [area code] [phone number]"
    • <contact:email>: Contact's direct mail address.
  • <isocil:ext>: Defines the IL Extension Block. The whole block as appears in example MUST be a part of the Request.
  • <clTRID>: AR's transaction identifier.

Additional Response Data ( block) – in a SUCCESS message

The API Server's response upon the successful completion of a Create Contact Request:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <result code="1000">
            <msg>Command completed successfully (contact requestid=C82)</msg>
            <svTRID>ISOCIL-SS37 20051031112800</svTRID>

Legend - SUCCESS message response

  • <contact:creData>: Information on the creation of the Contact Object, where:
    • <contact:id>: Specifies the Contact's Handle.
    • <contact:creDate>: Specifies the creation time of the Contact Object, in XML dateTime format.