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Update details of an existing Contact Object.


Only the Managing AR can update Contact Objects under his management.


The Contact Object's name field CANNOT be updated with Update Contact. If the Contact's name requires modification, a new Object needs to be created, using the Create Contact Request.

Attempting to update the Contact's name field with an Update Contact Request will result in an error.


Valid request is processed immediately.

The information included in the Update Contact Request will override any existing information.

IMPORTANT: all sub tags of the Contact information block must be included in the Request. Information that needs not be updated, needs to be explicitly included in the Request and contain the Contact's current data.

Code Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <contact:postalInfo type="int">
            <contact:name>Israel Israeli</contact:name>
              <contact:street>Moshe Levy 11</contact:street>
              <contact:city>Tel Aviv</contact:city>
          <contact:voice>+972 1 8965200</contact:voice>


  • <contact:update>: Defines that the desired Registration Action, create a Contact Object, where:
    • <contact:id>: The Handle of the Contact Object being updated.
    • <contact:postalinfo>: Contact's postal Info.
    • <contact:name>: Contains the Contact's full name. The name MUST BE IDENTICAL to the Contact's existing name. Any deviation will be interpreted as an attempt to modify the name field and will result in an error.
    • <contact:org>: Contains the Contact's organization, only(!) for domain contact type
    • <contact:addr>: A block containing the postal information associated with the Contact:
      • <contact:street>...<contact:street>: Contains the street and number of the Contact's address.
      • <contact:city>: Contact's city.
      • <contact:sp>: Contact's State/Province.
      • <contact:pc>: Contact's postal code.
      • <contact:cc>: Contact's two-letter country code, according to ISO-3166.
    • <contact:voice>: Contact's telephone number, in the following format: "+[country code] [area code] [phone number]"
    • <contact:fax>: Contact's facsimile number, in the following format: "+[country code] [area code] [phone number]"
    • <contact:email>: Contact's direct mail address.
  • <clTRID>: AR's transaction identifier