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Extend the Expiry Date of a Domain Name Record for one Registration Period.


Only the Managing AR of a Domain Name Record can submit a Renew DomainRequest.


Domain can be renewed for up to five years. Any renewal request submitted to the registry that goes beyond the five-year maximum time, will be rejected with an error message indicating that the Domain Name renewal exceeds the allowed maximal registration period.

It is possible to renew a domain that have four years and three month to expiration date for one year only.


Upon the completion of the Renew Domain Request, request is processed immediately and the Expiry Date of the Domain Name will be extended by one Registration Period.

Code Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                <domain:period unit="y">2</domain:period>


  • <domain:renew>: Defines that the desired Registration Action, renewal of a Domain, where:
    • <domain:name>: Defines the Domain Name to be Renewed.
    • <domain:period ...>: The renewal period requested (from Expiry Date), expressed in Registration Units. The Expiry Date following the renewal request may not exceed the Maximal Registration Period, counted from the date of submission of the renewal request. A request to renew the registration beyond the Maximal Registration Period will result in an error.
    • <clTRID>: Defines the AR transaction identifier.

Tag Occurance Table

Tag Occurrences
Size + Remarks
<epp> 1
<command> 1
<renew> 1
<domain:renew> 1
<secDNS:name> 1 token: 9-73
<secDNS:period> 1 1-5 years
<clTRID> 1 token: 3-64

Additional Response Data (<resData> block) – in a SUCCESS message

The API Server's response upon the successful completion of a Renew Domain Request:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <result code="1000">
            <msg>Command completed successfully (domain requestid=D202742)</msg>
            <svTRID>ISOCIL-BL148 20051103110301</svTRID>

Response Legend

  • <domain:renData>: Information on the renewal of the Domain Name Record, where:
    • <domain:name>: Specifies the Domain Name Record renewed.
    • <domain:expDate>: Specifies the expiry time of the Domain Name, in XML dateTime format.