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Cancel Request


Withdraw a Request submitted by an AR.


A Cancel Request can only be submitted by the AR who submitted the Request.


Request is processed immediately.

Only Requests whose processing has not started can be canceled.

Since the initiation of the processing is not controlled by the AR, the successful cancellation of a Request is not guaranteed, and is done on a BEST EFFORT basis.

If the Cancel Request operation is denied, the AR, in order to undo the change, will be required to submit a correcting Registration Action as necessary.

For example, if the AR tried to cancel an Update Domain Request – another Update Domain Request will need to be submitted in order to reinstate the previous information.

Code Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


  • <domainreqeust:cancel>: Defines that the desired Registration Action, Cancel Request, where:
    • <domainrequest:id>: The Request ID of the Request, the cancellation of which is requested.
  • <clTRID> AR's transaction identifier