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Check Request


Check whether a Domain Name is registered. The request may include up to 10 Domains.


The request may be submitted by any AR.


Request is processed immediately.

The reply from the API Server will only indicate whether the Domain Name Record is registered without providing additional information.

Code Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


  • <check>: Defines that the desired Registration Action, is an information retrieval action, where:
    • <domain:check>: Defines that the requested information if on a Domain Name Record.
    • <domain:name>: Defines the queried Domain Name Record.
  • <clTRID>: AR's transaction identifier

Tag occurrence table

Tag Occurrences
Size + Remarks
<epp> 1
<command> 1
<check> 1
<domain:check> 1
<secDNS:name> 1-10
<clTRID> 1 Must start with 2 capital letters representing the registrar, followed by a hyphen (-) and a string of numbers. Must be unique per request. Total length may not exceed 30 characters.

Response Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <result code="1000">
            <msg>Command completed successfully</msg>
                    <domain:name avail="1"></domain:name>
                    <domain:name avail="0"></domain:name>
            <svTRID>ISOCIL-AB755 20060207151800</svTRID>

Response Legend

  • <result>: Indicates the processing status of the request.
  • <resData>: The data sent in response to the specific Request:
    • <domain:cd>: Information unit on a Domain name
      • <domain:name avail="0">: Indicates that the Domain Name is not available for registration.
      • <domain:name avail="1">: Indicates that the Domain Name is available for registration.
  • <trID>: Unique transaction identifier.
    • <clTRID>: AR's transaction identifier.
    • <svTRID>: API Server transaction identifier.