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Registration Actions - General

In the following sections the various Registration Actions are described in detail, including the various XML files exchanged between the API Client and the API Server during the life- cycle of a Request.

General Legend

  • Occurrence: Indicates the number of times an element can appear in a Request, where: "1" – exactly 1 instance MUST appear. "0-1" – at most 1 instance MAY appear. "1-*" – as many as needed, but at-least once.
  • String: Any text, including whitespaces of any form.
  • Token: A String that contains no space characters.
  • Date: In the following format: CCYY-MM-DD
  • dateTime: In the following format: CCYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sss
  • Request ID: The time is local Israeli time (IST=GMT+2 or IDT=GMT+3).
  • clTRID: A unique identifier of a Request in the Registry, of the following format:

    [letter][integer], where:

    [letter] – 'D' for Requests pertaining to Domain Name Records, and 'C' for Requests pertaining to Contact Object Reqeusts.

    [integer] – a serial number.

  • svTRID: AR's transaction identifier. The format of the identifier is: "[AR Code]-[integer]". A unique transaction identifier generated by the API Server. The format of the identifier is: ISOC-IL-[AR Code][integer][Time Stamp].