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Terms used throughout this documentation

  • AR - Accredited Registrar. A company accredited by ISOC-IL as a Registrar of the .il ccTLD Registry.
  • AR Code - A two letter identification code of the AR. The code is handed to the AR at the signing of the Accreditation Agreement.
  • AR Main Regular Mail Address - A mail address of the AR, registered with the Registry, to which regular (i.e., non-XML) mail is sent.
  • Attribute - As defined in API Basics - Attribute.
  • ccTLD - country code Top Level Domain. Israel's ccTLD is ".il".
  • Domain Name - As defined in domain name.
  • Domain Name Record - The information stored in the Registry about a specific Domain Name, namely its Registrant, Managing Registrar, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact and DNS Name Servers. See scheme in API basics.
  • Extensions Block - As defined in XML - API client request general structure.
  • Expiry Date - The date on which a Domain Name Record is scheduled to expire. Domain Names can be registered, renewed or reassigned in whole Registration Units only, and in every occasion, expiry may not exceed the Maximal Registration Period from the date of the transaction.
  • Handle - A Contact Object's (as defined in API Basics - Object) unique identifier within the Registry. A Handle is created automatically by the API Server upon the creation of a Contact Object, and is of the following format: <AR Code>-<xy><number>-IL where:
    • <xy> – Name initials of the Contact.
    • <number> – An integer.
    • The hyphens and the string IL are constants.
  • IL Extensions - The Registry's additions to the Standard EPP. The IL Extensions implementation is guided by RFC 3730.
  • ISOC-IL - The Israel Internet Association. Administrator and operator of the .il ccTLD Registry.
  • IRI - The Information Retrieval Interface provided by the Registry to the AR. The IRI is described in detail in the IRI Documentation Page.
  • Managing AR - The AR responsible for a particular Object.
    1. In a Domain Name Record, AR's name is an Attribute of the Object.
    2. In a Contact Object, AR Code forms a part of the Object's Handle. Maximal Registration Period
  • Maximal Registration Period - Five Registration Units.
  • Object - As defined in API Basics - Object.
  • Principal User - An IRI user with sub-users management authorities. The Principal user is single per AR.
  • Registration Action - One of the actions regarding an Object that a Managing AR is entitled to perform, e.g., registering a new Domain Name.
  • Registration Unit - Registration of one Domain Name, for a period of one calendar year. Registration of Domain Names and their renewal is done in whole Registration Units only.
  • API Client - A system that generates and handles the AR's Registration Actions and communicates with the API Server.
  • API Server - The Registry's server that handles ARs' Registration Actions.
  • Reference Label - As defined in Creation of new Contact Objects in a Create Domain Request.
  • Request - HTTPS request with Client-authenticated TLS. The body contains the appropriate XML for the desired Registration Action sent by the API Client to the API Server.
  • Role - A Domain Name Record contains three Contact Objects (see scheme in API basics). Each Contact Object has a title, namely: Administrative Contact, Technical Contact and Zone Contact, collectively referred to as Roles.
    • The differences between the different Contacts authorities are outside the scope of this document.
  • Standard EPP - Extensible Provisioning Protocol, published in RFC 3730.
  • Standard EPP Block - As defined in XML - API client request general structure.
  • The Registry - The .il ccTLD Domain Name Registry, operated by ISOC-IL.