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The Test Environment

How to connect

The address for sending the request is:

Everything else same as mentioned in ‎API System – Technical Requirements

Registry behavior simulation in testbed environment

The testbed environment is intended to provide the testers with a tool to technically test the Clients.

In the 'real world' system, the processing of some of the requests on the Registry's side, involves manual handling. In such cases, the testbed system randomly decides whether to approve or reject the request (one request is approved the next one is denied, and so on).

Note that the randomization occurs only in requests that are processed manually. In such cases, and additional "Message Error ID" will be included (please refer to ‎API System – XML (the <msg> tag). The error message id in the testbed will always be 400. The message id refers to denial grounds that are outside the scope of this document (the reasons for denial being non-technical in nature).